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Dinergy Necklace

Dinergy Necklace

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Delicate piece of jewelry for the romantic woman who is not afraid to wear something different. This necklace from Ofrenda's Spiral collection is hefty in weight but with a laid-back vibe. It wears beautifully at the collar bone while layering other pieces of jewelry.

Symbol of death and rebirth, as one line follows coiling inwards, another line coils out in the opposite direction; suggesting both emergence from the womb and burial in the tomb, the balance of life and death.

A combination of the female and male directional aspects of the spiral, the first a rolling inward, the second the unwinding, creating a sacred balance of opposites cosmic energies.

Metal Type: Sterling Silver or 14K Fairmined Gold

Measures: 29mm wide, 11mm tall

Please allow 3-4 weeks to craft your jewelry, as everything is made to order just for you!

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