Collection: Kundalini

Derived from the Sanskrit word 'Kundala', Kundalini means root or coiled like a snake.

Kundalini, according to the Hindu tradition, is a latent reservoir of energy that lies coiled up and sleeping as a serpent at the base of the spine. This dormant energy is linked to the ethereal or astral dimension of the human body and is analogous to the base of the physical spine.

Only if the serpent is awakened, can the path to actualization begin.

This collection celebrates Kundalini as a path towards awakening, where one must be animated by a deep motivation to experience Oneness more fully in order to live the gifts of awakening.

Upward from this reservoir, energy may emanate through the nadis travelling up from the base of the spine, to the center and all the way to the crown. Through this upward progression, energy passes through the chakras, known as psychic centers, spiraling towards human evolution and consciousness.

This ancient symbol was also found in other cultures, such as in Sumeria (Tree of Life), Egypt (Uraeus, Staff of Osiris), all the way to our present day as the Cauduceus, a medical symbol.