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$15 Flat Shipping Rate on all Orders to Continental USA!
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The Crescent Moon necklace, honoring the fluidity of the lunar cycle

It nourishes us with imagination, fulfilling awareness and sensitivity to imagery and fantasy. Crafted in sterling silver and CZs or 14K Gold and natural Diamonds.

The old and the new collide, legends still thrive in modern amulets, ancient charms emerge in the form of crystals and gems

The human search for meaning and use of symbolism is ever more present, even in times of augmented reality and robots.

I think this search for meaning is accelerated by our technology as we yearn for new myths.

Fruit of the Goddess amulet necklace, with her life-giving powers and generous sprouting of life. Female divinity pregnant with possibilities, like your life! 14K Gold and Diamonds or Sterling Silver on a 24” chain.

Half Moon Earring, the perfect small, dainty earring for everyday use!

Dream alongside the moon, dwell in the imagination where all dreams are full of possibilities. Small, lightweight and hanging from a French ear wire, these are playful yet comfortable to wear.

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