Welcome to Ofrenda Jewelry!

Welcome to Ofrenda Jewelry!

I’m thrilled to present it to you! Ofrenda draws inspiration from a wide array of cultural sources. From mythology, to archetypes, primitive symbols and ancient civilizations, I am captivated by prehistoric sculptures, cave marks, Neolithic pottery and figurines and primitivism in all its forms. I think our ancestors had a lot to teach us and their legacy can tell us something important about ourselves. So happy to share this with you!

Regain power by listening to our hearts

Through Ofrenda Jewelry, I want to help people reconnect with their hearts by seeking wisdom from ancient principles and inspiration from the natural world. As a portable and deeply personal object, jewelry is the perfect vehicle to remind us of our own divinity. I hope to create jewelry that empowers your inner strength, inspires personal growth and moves you towards your mission.

Ancient forms of adornment

Not sure about you, but I try to cultivate my spirituality and I’d like to infuse my jewelry with this journey. By focusing on the wonders of nature and humanity’s cultural traditions, Ofrenda Jewelry cultivates an ever-deepening relationship with the mysteries of life by means of jewelry, the most ancient form of adornment.

Primitive symbols and marks are a source of inspiration for me. I think they inform our present about how humans once venerated the life-giving powers of the universe and how they recognized their oneness with all of nature. They help us remember we are all part of a complex and interconnected life system. How about we wear these reminders?

Jewelry inspired in ancient symbols and lore

Ofrenda Jewelry is also influenced by the rich array of symbols from nature found in ancient civilizations. These symbols range from life sustaining elements like water, air, earth and fire which have been pillars of civilization since the dawn of times. Mother Earth, Nature in all its forms have been interpreted and rendered in stylized fashion, like plants depicted in geometric patterns or realistic, life-like renditions of everyday objects all the way to highly minimal and abstract images from nature. I’d love to share my journey with you and how to blend these symbols into pieces of jewelry.

A curious mind about mythical designs

Truthfully, full disclosure, I am not an archaeologist, or historian nor am I an expert in these topics, I just love them! I welcome you to join me in this discovery of how to imbue jewelry with these mysteries. The idea is not to replicate these artifacts but to explore design elements, examine visual relationships and break down the mechanics of design into pieces of jewelry.

I hope you like the jewelry, let me know!