The Sun symbolizes the regenerative force of the universe

The Sun symbolizes the regenerative force of the universe

Just as Twilight acts like a beacon of the promise of a new day, this simple yet sophisticated necklace is a favorite for a dainty, elegant look to kick-start your day.

Not too small, not too big, it becomes a perfect accessory for many occasions. You can glamorize it by adding layers of pearls or beads. Or just let it sit on your collar bone and the stone will glimmer in the sunlight!

A bold, enigmatic ring

A statement piece that will make you feel confident and assured. With intricate details and modern accents, you won't want to take it off!
Just as the Sun feeds growth with strong, deep roots, this ring will become a reminder of your own greatness.
This Solar Disc ring harnesses the symbolism of the Sun’s power to focus on one’s willpower and capacity for positive action.

NEW! Waxing Moon Ear Climbers

Fabulous earrings with glimmering diamonds in an exquisite Waxing Moon design. These ear climbers are surprisingly sexy! They wear beautifully with a little black dress or can dress up a beachy outfit.

The moon symbolizes the part of our consciousness that is sensitive to our surroundings, revealing reactions and responses attuned to our inner compass. The Moon represents how life feels, the psyche, the emotional underbelly of our minds. This is about pure emotion and raw sentiments.

The moon is the soul of life! It gives feeling to life, otherwise our experience would be cold and mechanical. These necklaces are meant to remind you of happiness and fulfillment.