The power of the feminine principle

The power of the feminine principle

Feel classy wearing this exquisitely crafted necklace. With minute attention to detail, this necklace is the perfect jewel for everyday wear.

It will become your favorite piece of jewelry to go from day to evening.

One of our other necklaces from the Solar collection, symbolizing sunrise, it will remind you to shine your best light and glow from within. As the Sun rises and sets each day, we all have the opportunity to choose how best to live our life, and change to better find our purpose.

NEW! Waning Moon Necklace - Elegant simplicity in this Waning Moon Necklace, easy to wear, makes any outfit shine. The Waning Moon teaches us to nurture our ability to feel and respond emotionally, to be in tune with our own needs and wants.

The moon also symbolizes subjectivity and sensitivity helping us develop our soul and our place in the world. It can help you gain insight to unconscious emotional needs that motivate your behavior; it can also give you insight about what kind of experiences are most essential for your happiness.

Superb necklace to up-style jeans paired with a feminine blouse, perfect for a weekend look - relaxed yet chic.

As the only Earth's natural satellite, the moon has been revered since antiquity. The most widely used symbol for it has been the crescent moon (as the circle has other connotations, mainly solar).

The moon has been connected to women's cycles, motherhood and life-giving powers. Also known as mother-soul of the world, linked to primordial Mother Goddesses in several cultures. Let the moonlight shine a path of trust and hope in your heart.