The moon - muse of the latest collection

The moon - muse of the latest collection

Fabulous earrings with glimmering diamonds in an exquisite Waxing Moon design. They wear beautifully with a little black dress or can dress up a beachy outfit.

The moon symbolizes the part of our consciousness that is sensitive to our surroundings, revealing reactions and responses attuned to our inner compass. This is about pure emotion and raw sentiments.

Waning Moon necklace, in an adjustable 16”-18” rolo chain. Choose between Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. Please allow 3-4 weeks to craft your jewelry, as everything is made to order just for you!

Jewelry as tokens of our love for life energy

I think there’s got to be a paradigm shift, to join forces with science and spirit to explore the mystery of nature and the Earth.

This first small collection is an ode to the Sun, the animating force of all of life. It’s radiating rays generating energy, creating life and sustaining our communities.

Eyes of the Goddess necklace

The motifs used in this collection were from a long-lost religion which venerated both the Universe and the life-giving Mother, and all living creatures were part of her divinity.

Totally unique amulet pendant, depicting coiled eyes like the widespread motif used in eastern and western Europe in early Bronze age. This pendant has a nice weight to itself so it wears comfortably in a 24” long rolo chain.