Solar collection necklaces

Solar collection necklaces

Primitive superstitions survive in this era of computers, robots and algorithms. Even people that scoff at the idea of carrying around a lucky charm have some type of ‘special object’.

The human pursuit of capturing feelings and thoughts into symbolic objects will most certainly be continued well into the future. I believe the forms and shapes may change but the meaning will carry on. The Sun reminds us that life is not a linear progression but a circular spiral of growth and awareness.

Jewelry inspired by ancient civilizations

How will future charms and amulets look like? Will they change much, if at all? My guess is that although technology will bring us many blessings, fundamental fears and threats will remain, and that’s where small superstitions and faith in superpowers will still hang around. The Sun can remind us that our progress should be in service to the whole, the Sun offers it’s light and warmth to everything, free of judgement.

Amulets, lucky charms, and talismans. All have a place in our life when we need a little magical aid.

Wear a little protective jewel to guard you from the hazards of daily life. Ofrenda’s jewels not only offer meaning and protection but also adornment.

Mystic jewelry for the modern woman

Lots of people carry a wide assortment of protective objects, some wear it publicly, others carry them secretly. It’s really just personal preference. The stories behind them are fascinating!

Ofrenda’s first collection, is inspired by the Sun. According to ancient traditions, the circle represented the primal womb containing the light of creation.