Lover of books - check out this book about design

Lover of books - check out this book about design

A little know gem of a book, Elements of Design by Gail Greet Hannah, introduces the academic method of design classes at Pratt with Rowena Reed Kostellow. I was lucky to have been through a similar experience at university during classes in my Architecture degree.

Primitive marks ring, necklace and earrings in 14K gold

Centuries old traditions of protecting yourself from harm and other superstitions are not only found in the form of jewels but also inscriptions, hand gestures and special actions.

It’s a body of knowledge passed down since antiquity.

Solar, Moon and Goddess collection necklaces

Primitive superstitions survive in this era of computers, robots and algorithms. Even people that scoff at the idea of carrying around a lucky charm have some type of ‘special object’.

These Sunrise and Sunset necklaces symbolize the heavenly god and his cyclical passages in the infinite waltz of life.