Jewelry inspired from ancient principles

Jewelry inspired from ancient principles

Beautifully crafted with just enough sparkle and detail, these earrings are easy to wear. With a generous 5mm earring backs, they will sit comfortably in your ears.

These earrings are imbued with life's generous assurance of yet another day, full of opportunities.

Combine it with the Twilight necklace, and celebrate twilight, a time to reflect and repose.

Inspired on the ancient Goddess, this amulet collection seeks to help us remember the power of the feminine principle. The motifs used were from a long-lost religion which venerated both the Universe and the life-giving Mother, and all living creatures were part of her divinity.

Each amulet is inspired by specific pictorial signs and motifs of the Great Goddess, which served as a symbolic language of the old Goddess religion.

Waxing Moon ear climbers, a happy addition to your jewelry collection. The moon symbolizes the part of our minds that likes to react and respond to experiences, that’s sensitive to our surroundings and melds into them without resistance.