Jewelry and myth as a tool for personal development

Jewelry and myth as a tool for personal development

Nowadays, the word ‘myth’ is often used to describe something that is not true, a falsehood, a lie (hello era of misinformation!). An unfortunate interpretation and dismissal of stories meant to explain the unexplainable and help us reach meaning.

A myth, was an event which in a way might have happened once, but which also happened all the time. Such an occurrence is confusing to our modern minds, but mythology is an artform that points beyond history to what is timeless human experience, helping us get a glimpse at the core of reality.

In our outer-facing world, where selfies and fake profiles abound, going within is an arduous task met sometimes with mock and distrust. However, there is nothing more meaningful than starting the journey of self-discovery, and endless trip down to the depths and heights of the universe! What can be more exciting!

The experience of transcendence has always been at the core of the human experience. We all seek moments of ecstasy; we want to feel deeply touched within our hearts and to be lifted momentarily beyond ourselves.

Like music, poetry or any art, mythology awakens us to rapture, even in the face of despair. Mythology does not claim to be objective fact; like art, myth is a make-believe, it helps us glimpse new possibilities and imagine new realities.

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