Ancient design inspired jewelry

Ancient design inspired jewelry

People around the world wear pieces of jewelry as lucky charms or meaningful amulets. Different cultures have various ways of expressing them but they all share an underlying desire to capture a feeling or intention. Many myths say the Universe begins with roundness. Ofrenda’s Solar collection celebrates the Sun, our shiny star, a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma.

Symbolic jewelry is serious business!

The wearer holds a deep connection with it and endows it with helpful and often, magical properties. Symbols that try to express a sense of wholeness, such as the great circle, the womb, the cosmic eff, all have a circle as form. These Sunrise and Sunset necklaces signify the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth as days pass by.

There are always fascinating stories behind every piece of jewelry. Sometimes that takes the form of symbolic background or intentional properties. Trying to understand what makes each so special is Ofrenda’s focus. This Sunset necklace reminds us of life’s full circle, the promise of beginning again.

Primitive marks ring in 14K gold

 Centuries old traditions of protecting yourself from harm and other superstitions are not only found in the form of jewels but also inscriptions, hand gestures and special actions. It’s a body of knowledge passed down since antiquity. Cruciform marks embedded in raised rings expresses life’s sacred dance.

Jewelry for professional working women

The old and the new collide, legends still thrive in modern amulets, ancient charms emerge in the form of crystals and gems. The human search for meaning and use of symbolism is ever more present, even in times of augmented reality and robots. I think this search for meaning is accelerated by our technology as we yearn for new myths

Most of the old charms and amulets have been worn and carried on the body. This practice and ritual is still true today, although with a modern twist. These symbols are also found hanging around the house, adorning farm or labor animals and even placed on boats and ships.