14K gold necklace with tribal pattern

14K gold necklace with tribal pattern

The initial intent of any symbol is the driving force of its inception that in turn generates a response akin to the intent, making the sacred object a fulfillment of a personal prophecy. The perfect feedback mechanism. Imbue your jewelry with intention and meaning and allow it to remind you of it every time you wear it.

Tribal designs in fine jewelry

Symbols as part of our lexicon might stem from our preverbal past. In ancient times we might have learnt to think in images before words came about. Symbols are remnants of this primitive language that sometimes surfaces in dreams or sudden perceptions. Ofrenda’s Solar collection starts with the circle, symbolizing the omnipresent principle of wholeness.

Symbolism is a slippery slope… As long as the mind can associate ideas with things, anything can be connected with anything else. Simple, fundamental symbols, can accumulate more meanings as several generations and cultures discuss them. The Sun symbol has been consecrated since antiquity by its all-encompassing presence.

Fine jewelry with an ancient twist

The basic human fears, needs and desires are captured by symbols. Regardless of how random their associations, they still manage to hold meaning. Probably because these symbols remain symbolic of our own sacred realm, part and parcel of our awareness.

Spiritual reminders assigned to jewelry

The beauty of symbols is not only the wealth of collective information imbued in them but the personal interpretation that comes into play. It makes symbols a creative pursuit and an experiential journey. This Solar collection aspires to evoke a more poetic view of your life to inspire your heart and spark joy!

Neolithic-inspired designs necklaces

Much of jewelry is symbolic of whatever one cares to make of it. Jewelry, as a deeply personal object, is a perfect fit for contemplation of our inner essence. Imagination fuels symbols as tools of inner knowledge or personal protection. The Neolithic cruciform design of this collection hopes to remind you of our ancient wisdom.

Cave art motifs

Our capacity to think and communicate with symbols is the precursor of language and creativity. These jewels are an offering to the ancient peoples that once pioneered symbolic thinking. Many questions remain unanswered about how we interpret the meaning of ancient art. But wearing something like it doesn’t hurt!

Meaningful fine jewelry for everyday wear

The use of symbols is one way us humans have shaped the world around us to our needs, not just accepting what was in front of us. The primal pull towards evolution finds its way into symbolic language too. To this day, we are inspired by a belief in the supernatural.  

Jewelry is not only the most ancient form of adornment but most importantly, symbolic behavior. This means jewelry as curated items signaling a way of thinking and interacting with the world. A sort of language driven by thoughts communicated via symbols.