Wear your heart on your sleeve, fearlessly

Wear your heart on your sleeve, fearlessly

Have a daily reminder to connect with that which is greater than ourselves.

Many among us have embraced a materialistic path, it has no heart, it’s all artificial and we are abandoning the spiritual path. Which is the path of a person, our ancestors. The guardians of the land, the caretakers of Mother Earth – remind yourself to be mindful about out cherished planet, our cradle.  

Gold solar necklace for personal power

Part of my spiritual work is to pay attention to the beauty and sacredness of all that is alive and translate it to jewelry.

I’m a normal human trying to connect with spirit and becoming a better me. This necklace honors the life-giving energy of the Sun, so we too can take it with us in our everyday life to light our way into more love.

Look within to find your true spirit

Enjoying the small pleasures in life and always remembering to stop and smell the roses is all we need to spark some joy.

At Ofrenda Jewelry we are slowly but surely making business decisions to make a positive impact. There is much knowledge and wisdom to be gained in the path towards being positive changemaker in this world.

Love: this is the mission of mankind

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and others.  Treating others with respect and kindness just makes life so much easier. Even businesses can become an act of love by being responsible parts of society. Ofrenda's necklaces are tokens from love, as the Sun generously showers all of us, every single day.

These geometric lines encircled in two rings represent the rays of sunlight giving warmth, light and nourishment to all living creatures. The Sun shines bright for friend or foe.

As we are all connected, let us be reminded to be kind to everyone.