Researching design aesthetics for Ofrenda!

Researching design aesthetics for Ofrenda!

Ancient cultures were in tune with the seeds of life, original patterns from which everything arises. They are the first, the beginning, the original models of the universe.

Starting to journal about my reading list, taking notes on what catches my eye and taking inventory of a vast knowledge base about the divine feminine, myths, folklore, archetypes and alchemy!

Primitive designs and marks, found in many cultures around the world. They seem to represent innate, universal prototypes for ideas and may be useful to interpret observations from life experiences.

The Sun, a primordial image, represented symbolically in many ways. Its life-giving energy speaks to something deep inside of us. Symbolic images that humankind unconsciously understands.

I often say “I am my own church”, and I say it because I believe we are all part of a greater whole, like a drop in the Ocean, we are one with God. Religions, in their most fundamental level, share similar values and their churches are social spaces to share those values in the public sphere. But our heart is where God dwells within ourselves, IMO.

A goal of this day and age: to restore the sanctity of what is holy. We can start by revering nature once again. In the spirit of reciprocity and gratitude, as we are all interdependent.

The gold and the diamond in my jewelry, all came from Mother Earth. Just like the leaf and the woven fibers that it sits on. We all come from the Earth and we belong to it in a complex web of kinship and symbiosis. Why do we call it dirt…?

The return of the Divine Feminine is in our midst. The purpose of this return is not only to revive forgotten memories, but to present fresh truths and emotions, necessary to fulfill the potentialities of the future.