Jewelry as tokens of personal power

Jewelry as tokens of personal power

Trying new designs and projects, some succeed, others don’t. All part of the creative process. We are in this lifetime to learn more; it is an eternal cycle that never ends. I’ll just keep grinding.

This Mooned-Horn necklace can remind you of the cycles of life, there is a season for everything. The pendant hangs from a 24” chain, it will look amazing paired with a cashmere turtleneck, don’t you think?

Making the world a better place one jewel at a time

I also hope to infuse my jewelry design towards the quest to more spirituality. This Twilight necklace is inspired from one of my favorites times of day, especially when I want to head out and connect with the outdoors, even just a stroll around the neighborhood.

Designs to remind us of our female power

The ancient Goddess, revered in ancient times, a faint memory that is still latent within us. Symbol of the unity of nature and the mystery of the Earth.

The Sun as mystical inspiration. We can honor the Sun’s pathway from sunrise to sunset by contemplating its colorful miracle unfold. Twilight earrings and Sunset necklace.


A third amulet celebrating the Fruit of the Goddess with her life-giving powers and generous sprouting of life. Female divinity pregnant with possibilities, like your life! 14K Gold and Diamonds or Sterling Silver on a 24” chain.