Amulets - wearable symbolism

Amulets - wearable symbolism

Amulets containing aspects of the Neolithic Goddess, depicting its symbolism of the renewal of life. The female, the single source of life, taking energy and transmuting it into endless creations.

Sparkly Crescent Moon necklace

Symbolizing the subconscious mind, instinct, feelings and emotions. Born from memory, receptivity and heredity - the moon reminds us to experience the domestic and protective impulses.

Crafted in 14K Gold and Diamonds, this Crescent Moon also signifies the Mother, the wife - it's receptive, adaptable, sympathetic and moody. Also associated with Diana, the Crescent Moon illuminates our nights and helps uncover our shadows.


The Labyrinth Unity Charm

Representing the soul's journey into the depths of our spirit, it guides our soul into the center of the underworld and its return towards rebirth, traveling one path towards inner knowing.

Made in 14K Fairmined gold, proud participant of the Fairmined 100 Challenge!

The meandering spiral path is connected with the idea of death and rebirth, entering the mysterious womb of life. Cradled by the Ouroboros, ancient symbol of unity, the labyrinth invites you to penetrate the "inner mysteries" and find a mystical revelation at its core.