The Solar Disc collection is an ode to the Sun

The Solar Disc collection is an ode to the Sun

14K gold and diamonds necklace, a lovely addition to your accessories collection. It depicts an abstract rendition of the Sun, trying to harness the vitality of its energy. The Solar Disc collection is an ode to the Sun, the animating force of all of life. It’s radiating rays generating energy, creating life and sustaining our communities.

One of the most coveted pieces, these Twilight earrings are light-weight, easy to wear and dazzling! They are inspired by the first rays of the Sun peeking through the horizon at Twilight. The Sun’s journey is celebrated in many myths around the world in their emerging mythos, or stories of creation. May these earrings illuminate your personal stories.

I find these Native American quotes so profound and inspiring. These ancient cultures truly knew the meaning of life and our place in this planet. I deeply admire their wisdom and only hope to glimpse a part of it for myself.

Elegant and feminine necklaces for every day wear. Crafted in 14K gold (and diamonds), they are on an adjustable 16'-18" rolo chain. The Sun as mystical inspiration and amulet, these represent Sunrise and Sunset, celebrating the life-cycle of our days. We can honor the Sun’s pathway from sunrise to sunset by contemplating its colorful miracle unfold and find it's truth speaking to our hearts.

I wasn't attracted to jewelry when I was young. It happened later in life, in my mid-30's. Before that, the subject never hinted at me until I came across some ethnic necklaces by Masha Archer. The colors, textures, shapes, combinations and the mystique around her work was fascinating. And it was then that this journey began.

Always a life time learner! I saw this book on a post by @metalsmithsociety. I jumped on it and quickly got it from my local library to take a quick peak. This book by @emilieshapirojewelry is a jewel, it gives real-life advice when you start out, and it couldn't come at a better time!
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