The original pattern of life - our archetypal origin

The original pattern of life - our archetypal origin

According to myth, everything that occurs in this world, things we can see and hear has a counterpart in the divine realm, which is richer, stronger and more enduring than our dense reality. And this reality is just a pale shadow of its archetype, the original pattern.

Myths told ancient people how the gods and goddesses behaved, to enable mortal men and women to imitate these powerful beings and experience divinity in the flesh.

Interestingly, mythology in ancient times was not regarded as some abstract story. Gods, humans, animals and all living beings were inextricably bound, subject to the same laws and made up of the same divine substance.

Mythology used to talk about the divine as an aspect of the mundane

The existence of gods and goddesses was inseparable from all of life, they just lifted humans onto a different plane of existence so they could regard the world with new vision.

Trusting our hunches and feelings is somewhat akin to being selfish, and so, it’s systematically squelched. Especially true for women, society tells us to put others first, be nice and of service to others. But it’s precisely when our own soul is full, our heart content and our brains stimulated that we have energy to know what is best.

Human beings have turned to mythology to help cope with everyday life predicaments

Mythology helps people find their place in the world and attune to their true orientation.

We all want to know where we came from (see the trend of DNA ancestry test kits); but lost in the mists of prehistory, our ancestors have created myths about our relatives that might not be historical but help explain current behavior about our environment, neighbors and customs.

Myths, are also stories devised to speak of a posthumous existence, to help explain the experience of transcendence, the sense that there is more to the human experience that what meets the eye.

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