The eyes of the Goddess

The eyes of the Goddess

My take on prehistoric artifacts depicting the female deity with her “all -seeing” power from Divine Source. I welcome you to join me in this discovery of how to imbue jewelry with these mysteries. 14K Gold or Sterling Silver, 24” rolo chain.

Stylish Sunset necklace side by side with the Twilight earrings

A great set for going from day to night. Available in sterling silver and CZs or 14K gold and diamonds.

Taking stock of the work done in 2021 as Ofrenda Jewelry takes off. Designing and making jewelry can be tricky sometimes. I had a few pieces that did not pan out and they gave me valuable lessons. But I feel what I've accomplished is good to get the brand started. Any comments, suggestions, feedback?

These designs have been in my mind for a long time, so excited they finally manifested! I can't wait to add more pieces to this Amulet collection, they are not easy to create and need a lot of revisions. But I love the final result!

Gold necklace with diamonds to raise your vibration Sunrise, an invitation to re-create your world!

What a beautiful way to describe crystals!

If you think about it, they are the flowers of Mother Earth's deep core, and what magnificent creation! Of course, everything She creates is perfect, the ideal inspiration and unequivocal muse.

A third amulet celebrating the Fruit of the Goddess with her life-giving powers and generous sprouting of life. Female divinity pregnant with possibilities, like your life! 14K Gold and Diamonds or Sterling Silver on a 24” chain.

Inspiring jewelry for nature lovers

This Solar Disc harnesses the symbolism of the Sun’s power to focus on one’s willpower and capacity for positive action.

Happy Holidays! May you all be around family and friends, be happy and merry!

Thank you for all the support this year!

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