NEW COLLECTION! The Crescent Moon

NEW COLLECTION! The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon, honoring the fluidity of the lunar cycle. It nourishes us with imagination, fulfilling awareness and sensitivity to imagery and fantasy. Crafted in sterling silver and CZs or 14K Gold and natural Diamonds.

Crescent Moon Necklace

Sparkly Crescent Moon necklace, symbolizing the subconscious mind, instinct, feelings and emotions. Born from memory, receptivity and heredity - the moon reminds us to experience the domestic and protective impulses.

Crafted in 14K Gold and Diamonds, this Crescent Moon also signifies the Mother, the wife - it's receptive, adaptable, sympathetic and moody. Also associated with Diana, the Crescent Moon illuminates our nights and helps uncover our shadows.

The Fruit of the Goddess, pregnant with possibilities. The Goddess Amulet collection, an ode to the feminine principle and its promise of eternal life cycles - life, death and rebirth. They are chunky pieces in a beautiful 24” rolo chain.

The Crescent Moon necklace, celebrating our unconscious and its fragile depths while revealing the richness of the psyche. Intense and oftentimes impressionable, the moon allows us to feel with no censorship.

Half Moon Earrings

The perfect small, dainty earring for everyday use. Dream alongside the moon, dwell in the imagination where all dreams are full of possibilities.

Small, lightweight and hanging from a French ear wire, these are playful yet comfortable to wear.

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