Jewelry crafted with timeless patterns and marks

Jewelry crafted with timeless patterns and marks

Through Ofrenda Jewelry I am trying to understand these ancient design elements as a source of inspiration to help us unravel the spirituality of our ancestors and use it in our daily life. These patterns, shapes and forms give us clues to understanding the universe, our place in it and how we can tap into timeless principles to live a more fulfilling life. This is just the beginning.

The power of jewelry imbued with intention

While I was designing these first pieces, I came up with this inspiring quote: “When we adorn ourselves, these jewels inhabit us. We wear jewelry but jewelry dwells on us. Let these jewels connect us with an ancient past that might inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.”

I am Cecilia, the founder and designer of Ofrenda Jewelry, a Jewelry Design graduate from FIT. After reading “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” by Wassily Kandinsky, I was hooked with the connection between art and spirit. Fast-forward 10 years, my love of primitivism and ethnic art still prevails. I also admire the work about myths of Joseph Campbell, Jungian books about archetypes and pre-historic symbols and traditions.  You will see me weave all these topics in my jewelry, so stay tuned!

Ofrenda Jewelry, jewelry with meaning

With close to a decade working in the jewelry industry, I bring to my jewelry marketing savvy and ethical interests. Giving back is part of the ethos of Ofrenda Jewelry and it will expand and grow as the brand grows!

Jewelry designer with a love for all things ancient

A few silly things about me: Born and raised: Latin America; Can’t live without: Chapstick and tissues; Recent reading: The First Signs by G. Von Petzinger, The Valley of Horses by Jean Auel; Courage by Osho, Favorite artists: Henry Moore, Wassily Kandinsky, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Remedios Varo; Guilty pleasures: interior decorating magazines and ice cream.

Jewelry comes from the womb of the Earth

I’ll honor it in a series of posts where I’ll share some of my beliefs with you. I am striving to learn from these principles and live them as much as I can. I believe we are intertwined with nature; we are part of it, we are not separated, we are connected with every living thing, the land, the ocean, the cosmos, the universe.

We attach meaning to the jewelry we hold dear

I also believe we are on our journey back home, back to being connected with God. We are in this lifetime to learn more; it is an eternal cycle that never ends. Energy is indestructible, it is a living spirit, it is our connection to the Creator and we are part of it. We are not separated; we are a very important part of creation.

Jewelry as tokens of our love for life energy

How do you think humanity will move forward? I think there’s got to be a paradigm shift, to join forces with science and spirit to explore the mystery of nature and the Earth.  I’m on a path to exploring our abilities and powers gifted to us by our creator, use them in the right way, to sustain life, to bring back harmony, bring back holiness.

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