Designs to remind us of our female power

Designs to remind us of our female power

Repeating motifs and design elements started to show up time and time again as I poured myself into the world wide web looking for designs from all over the globe and from prehistory to the present. Timeless marks that represented some mystical information found in indigenous art forms, regardless of geography. The connection between the divine and how jewelry bridges this is what keeps me going.

The ancient Goddess, revered in ancient times, a faint memory that is still latent within us. Symbol of the unity of nature and the mystery of the Earth.

This always sounds so grandiose and something that can happen to someone else, but maybe note me? But as we try new things, put ourselves out there (a little bit at a time) and take risks, of course we grow and in so doing start shaping a better version of our person. Hopefully, one more in tune with inner guidance and in service to others.

Meaningful jewelry in precious gold and diamonds The Sun challenges us to rekindle our spirituality, regain our personal power and listen to our hearts.

Totally unique amulet pendant, depicting coiled eyes like the widespread motif used in eastern and western Europe in early Bronze age. This pendant has a nice weight to itself so it wears comfortably in a 24” long rolo chain. Your choice of 14K Gold or Sterling Silver. Amulet of fertility and regeneration. Cradling the fruit of the Goddess, honoring he timeless principle of growth and multiplication, of life nourishment and sustenance. 14K Gold or Sterling Silver on a 24” rolo chain

Dusting clean some old projects. Maybe I'll get back to them, these have been sitting dormant for a long time. I have the most amazing tools for wax carving, brought from Korea by a dear fellow student while we were at FIT.

Reading and designing jewelry, two of my favorite things to do. But I have to be vigilant about not going overboard with the researching and reading, it can get in the way of actually drawing, and getting the designs off the ground. I do suffer from analysis paralysis sometimes...

Timeless gold jewelry for the modern woman I have tried to capture the radiant energy of the Sun by making these pieces in gold (or gold plated), inviting this golden force to empower our personalities so that we serve the world better.

Did you guys see the film "What the bleep do we know?" Fabulous, don't miss it, in case you haven't seen it. It has really good animations of some quantum mechanics concepts and how it relates to our lives. And, indeed they show how we are all one, at the most sub-atomic level.
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