The Sun, Moon and stars - jewelry

The Sun, Moon and stars - jewelry

Most of the old charms and amulets have been worn and carried on the body. This practice and ritual is still true today, although with a modern twist. These symbols are also found in cultures around the globe.

Many myths say the Universe begins with roundness. Ofrenda’s Solar collection celebrates the Sun, our shiny star, a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma.

The Sun as mystical inspiration!

We can honor the Sun’s pathway from sunrise to sunset by contemplating its colorful miracle unfold. Twilight earrings in 14K gold.

Waxing Moon Ear Climbers - Fabulous earrings with glitzy diamonds in an exquisite Waxing Moon design. These ear climbers are surprisingly versatile!

This Sunrise necklace signifies the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth as days pass by.

Elegant simplicity in this Waning Moon Necklace, easy to wear, makes any outfit shine.

The Waning Moon teaches us to nurture our ability to feel and respond emotionally, to be in tune with our own needs and wants.

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