The Crescent Moon collection

The Crescent Moon collection

Honoring the fluidity of the lunar cycle. It nourishes us with imagination, fulfilling awareness and sensitivity to imagery and fantasy. Crafted in sterling silver and CZs or 14K Gold and natural Diamonds.

Timeless gold jewelry for the modern woman!

I have tried to capture the radiant energy of the Sun by making these pieces in gold (or gold plated), inviting this golden force to empower our personalities so that we serve the world better.

Part of the Solar Disc collection. Making the world a better place one jewel at a time I also hope to infuse my jewelry design towards the quest to more spirituality.

We have to do something about creating a better world and do it together, bring our minds and hearts together, and our intent of sending our energies, to bring back harmony, love back to the Earth.


As part of the Fairmined 100 Challenge – The Ying-Yang unity charm. Symbol of dualism and the cyclic alternation of all binaries: birth and death, light and dark, male and female, heaven and earth.

It reminds us that every half contains an element of its opposite. Also symbolizes eternity, the union of opposites uniting ad infinitum.

Metal Type: 14K Fairmined yellow gold; Chain: Satin cord with a sliding knot

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