Superb necklace to up-style jeans paired with a feminine blouse

Superb necklace to up-style jeans paired with a feminine blouse

Twilight inspired, the best jewel to celebrate my favorite time, I love starting or finishing my daily walks during this lovely dimness, the perfect atmosphere for reflection.

Twilight necklace and Solar ring. Metal Type: Sterling Silver (recycled grain) or 14K Gold (recycled grain). Stones: Cubic Zirconia (Swarovski) or Natural Diamonds GH-SI1. Chain: Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. Adjustable 16"-18", lobster clasp.

Nestled between her 2 companion amulets, the Eyes of the Goddess, is my take on prehistoric artifacts depicting the female deity with her “all -seeing” power from Divine Source.

Totally unique amulet pendant, depicting coiled eyes like the widespread motif used in eastern and western Europe in early Bronze age. This pendant has a nice weight to itself so it wears comfortably in a 24” long rolo chain.

Elegant simplicity in this Waning Moon Necklace (left) and Crescent Moon necklace (right), easy to wear, makes any outfit shine. The Waning Moon teaches us to nurture our ability to feel and respond emotionally, to be in tune with our own needs and wants.

The moon also symbolizes subjectivity and sensitivity helping us develop our soul and our place in the world. It can help you gain insight to unconscious emotional needs that motivate your behavior; it can also give you insight about what kind of experiences are most essential for your happiness.

Superb necklace to up-style jeans paired with a feminine blouse, perfect for a weekend look - relaxed yet chic.

“We have an entire sky within us, our fiery strength and heavenly origin: Luna which symbolizes the continuous motion of soul and body, Mars speed and Saturn slowness, the Sun God, Jupiter law, Mercury reason, and Venus humanity” Marsilio Ficino.

NEW! Half Moon Earrings - The moon, also known as the queen of mystery. These Half Moon earrings playfully hang from a French ear wire, beautifully catching the light, glinting at every move!

These earrings inspired by the moon symbolize feelings, and just like her fluid luminosity, it reminds us of the variability of what we feel at any moment. What's key is to honor our feelings as they come, to let them be and also allow them to pass. In unison with the moon, our feelings are always changing, forever passing through different phases.

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