Stories for adornment: mythological jewelry

Stories for adornment: mythological jewelry

Mythology offers a supposition, it brings it to life through deities, it contemplates its effect in our lives to help us comprehend that we have achieved new understanding into some puzzling aspect of our world.

Myths above all should be effective tools in giving us new insights into the deeper meaning of life, that’s their core objective. If the myth manages to change our minds and heart, gives us hope and compels us to live more purposefully, it’s a valid myth.

We just have to quiet our minds, breath deeply and go within

Listening to the faint but powerful voice in our hearts that speaks our personal truth.

A myth is primarily a guide, it tells us what to do to live more richly and intentionally. If we don’t apply the myth to our situation and thus make the myth a reality in our lives, it will remain remote and fruitless. But with consistency comes clarity and interiorization.

We are currently alienated from myth; we have no modern myths to inform our reality. We are trying aimlessly to make sense of our lives without the guidance of these timeless principles and universal patterns.

The stories of gods and incredible creatures that populate ancient myths, brought to light the mysterious workings of the universe, the depths of our psyche, showing people how to cope with their own interior crises.

Myth evolves through time and place

As our reality changes, so do myths. We need to tell stories differently in order to bring out their timeless truths in the light of the present moment, make it speak to the new conditions.

Human nature, at its core, does not change much. Many of the myths that we know, although devised in societies that are so different from our own, still manage to address our most essential fears and desires. They tap into a timeless well of archetypal truths and principles.

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