Science and mysticism are two sides of the same coin

Science and mysticism are two sides of the same coin

Aren’t you sometimes surprised and awed at some scientific discoveries that seem mystical at the same time? Much the same as when we have aha moments or internal revelations? It is my belief, the path of science and technology can still be intertwined with the mystical path, the spiritual path, the mythical path. I am guessing some of the cave artist where also awed at the natural world and sought to synthesize those concepts in their drawings.

A long time ago, ancient people understood they were one with Nature

Do you often feel living in an artificial environment, even if it’s you own home? Nowadays, there’s got to be a paradigm shift. We are called to join forces with science and technology to explore the mystery of nature and the Earth. Let’s do our part to tread carefully and be mindful of you impact on the planet. Don’t let circumstances get you down, never forget to look up at the immensity of the sky!

Ancient civilizations had symbolic behaviors, just like us!

We still act on them to this day, like funerary rituals for our deceased, that signaled abstract thought processes about the meaning of life and death and our relationship with the universe. Even the earliest pieces of personal adornment found signal a sense of spirituality that we share even today.

May the sparkle on this Sunrise necklace light your way!

Even as we go about our day, we can explore our abilities and powers gifted to us by our creator. Then, use them in the right way, to sustain life, to bring back harmony, bring back holiness.

Everything had a meaning and purpose thousands of years ago, as well as function. Our ancestors venerated life in a way we don’t quite understand today, and their art reflects this philosophy. The interesting part of these ancient patterns is the mystery of their symbolic purpose.

Which is the journey I embark on and will share with you. Sunrise and Sunset necklaces, reminding us of the promise of every new day

Jewelry the most ancient form of adornment

Jewelry and personal ornaments are timeless objects of symbolic behavior. We wear jewelry for aesthetic reasons, for identity purposes, for status or ownership. All behaviors displaying how we think of ourselves and how we interact with the world. Jewelry not only makes you look beautiful but makes you feel valued.

Everything we have, all the progress of civilization, once hinged on the resourcefulness and creativity of our ancestors, thousands of years ago.  Just think about it! What I find more amazing is the fact that these first peoples did not have any reference or history to look back on, they were themselves creating what we now build upon.

They were the shoulders we now stand from(!) I hope my jewelry makes justice to their grit.

Twilight necklace and earrings

The perfect match for a woman committed to her path and personal growth. The markings found in caves and objects in archeological sites are fascinating examples of geometric representations and imagery which helped natives connect their day-to-day life with the greater cosmos.

Ofrenda Jewelry will strive to connect and interpret these mystical stories with personal adornment for the modern woman and share them with you.

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