Making the world a better place one jewel at a time

Making the world a better place one jewel at a time

I also hope to infuse my jewelry design towards the quest to more spirituality. We have to do something about creating a better world and do it together, bring our minds and hearts together, and our intent of sending our energies, to bring back harmony, love back to the Earth. That should be the intent. Bring back peace and love.

Harnessing the vitality of the Sun in gold

This first small collection is an ode to the Sun, the animating force of all of life. It’s radiating rays generating energy, creating life and sustaining our communities.

The Sun as mystical inspiration and amulet We can honor the Sun’s pathway from sunrise to sunset by contemplating its colorful miracle unfold.

  • Gold jewelry to venerate the Sun. The Sun’s journey is celebrated in many myths around the world in their emerging mythos, or stories of creation.
  • Sun-inspired jewelry for everyday use. We have a chance to remake ourselves, to get a new chance, in every single cycle of the Sun. Each day brings an opportunity to recreate our world.
  • Gold necklace with diamonds to raise your vibration. Sunrise, an invitation to re-create your world!
  • Satin finished gold necklace and earrings, celebrating twilight, a time to reflect and repose.

Meaningful jewelry in precious gold and diamonds

The Sun challenges us to rekindle our spirituality, regain our personal power and listen to our hearts. Harness the energy of the Sun and wear it every day If you think about it, the energy of the Sun originated all of the four evolutionary kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal and human!

Timeless gold jewelry for the modern woman

I have tried to capture the radiant energy of the Sun by making these pieces in gold (or gold plated), inviting this golden force to empower our personalities so that we serve the world better. This Solar Disc harnesses the symbolism of the Sun’s power to focus on one’s willpower and capacity for positive action.

Jewelry inspired from the Sun’s mythical powers

Life-giving, the Sun, is the center of our solar system. Let its rays imbue your soul with purpose and clarity. Infuse your days with joy by wearing the Sun! As the Sun rises and sets each day, we all have the opportunity to choose how best to live our life, and change to better find our purpose.

Inspired by the mystery of light

Twilight is my favorite time, I love starting or finishing my daily walks during this lovely dimness, the perfect atmosphere for reflection. 

This Solar Disc collection, symbolizes the self, vivifying your values and motivations, making your distinct personality shine bright!

Talismans to remind you of your personal power. As depicted in this collection, the Sun’s symbol is the circle of limitless potentiality brought to a distinct focus in the center. This is a note to self!

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