Goddess religion and its symbols

Goddess religion and its symbols

Many of the symbols and markings found in very early times find continuity and longevity in several cultures and geographies, a possible sign of shared values across humanity.

The Goddess, and her basic functions as giver of life, life on earth and even the whole cosmos.

Regeneration, the Earth Mother, rising and dying in the eternal dance of birth and death.

As the single source of life, She takes energy from the Sun, Moon and the Earth as a self-generating system in cyclical time.

Signs of dynamic motion in ancient artifacts attest to the life-giving powers of feminine deities, like spirals and coils.

In spite of it all, the Goddess religion and its symbols have survived as an undercurrent in our present-day culture. There is much to learn for the sake of our future.

In our early mythology, the aliveness of earth is what made all creation possible, as the Goddess-Creator herself.

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