Art and design is a form of meditation

Art and design is a form of meditation

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Herman Hesse

This quote reminds me of the Secret Garden

A book I really enjoyed when I was a child. To go within the deepest realms of our psyche and learn to be at peace with our life – learn to tend our inner garden. This might help us understand that we are part of nature instead of feeling separate from it.

For life to be sustained we have to reconnect to nature and allow her to heal us. This entails living a life that honors and respects all of life on Earth, and also ourselves.

Let’s put our hearts and our minds together, and then pray. Jewelry can become a portable reminder to pause and pray or just reflect. Prayers will vibrate and the Universe will hear it and it will reply with subtlety. Remember, the Universe reacts to our energy, to our emotions.

All the elements of this Earth are part of the Universe, they are sacred, it is spiritual, it is powerful. Our ancestors prayed while making their art to imbue it with spirit. 

Mother Earth, my muse

All the environmental challenges we face and the apathy we are witnessing in the world are the result of our disrespect and abuse of nature. The earth, air, water and all forms of organisms give this planet life, we are part of it. If they go down, we go down with them.

Ofrenda seeks to help shift our consciousness and perception through spiritual work made into jewelry, in order to heal.

Feminine gold and diamonds

The purpose of these abstract markings, an artistic expression, is debatable. They could have been decorative, random drawings or personal marks.

Either way, they’re probably done with purpose, meaning and intent for each one of them. 

Neolithic designs are one of my inspirations

Jewelry to this day is used to express all sorts of messages about ourselves, just like thousands of years ago: that we are married, that we belong to a fraternity or team, that we achieved something or that we believe in something.

Jewelry can be an ornament and a symbol, but the symbolism has to be shared and interpreted socially, so that we all understand what they mean.

The Sun makes life possible, we honor his life-giving powers with this gold and diamonds necklace. If we let Nature teach us, it will require we change from a utilitarian model to one that is more collaborative and cooperative, like Nature.

Let’s connect to that by following our inner wisdom and intuition.

Spring is sprouting! Shedding light on the re-birth of Nature. Let this time of year cheer you with its wonderful colors.

Choose a life filled with meaning and passion while integrating daily spiritual practices for a more fulfilling life, to empower ourselves and live more consciously.

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