Unity Charms

Unity Charms

The collection offered by Ofrenda Jewelry to participate in the Fairmined 100 Challenge. Shining a spotlight on ethical gold practices and giving back to the miners and their communities.

Spiral labyrinth, entering the mysterious womb, penetrating to its core, and passing out by the same route - the dance of death and rebirth.

Also represents the soul's journey into the center of the uterine underworld and its return towards rebirth.

Goddess amulet necklaces, with her life-giving powers and generous sprouting of life. Female divinity pregnant with possibilities.

Classic emblem of conjoined male (yang) and female (yin) powers known throughout the world as a cyclic alternation of dualities, such as: birth and death, sleep and waking, war and peace, earth and heaven, youth and age, good and evil, summer and winter, light and dark, etc.
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