Popular myths in the XXIst Century

Popular myths in the XXIst Century

Popular tradition usually had the Sun as male and the moon as female, a reflection of a patriarchal society where symbolically the position of women has been subservient of men. It asserts that his light was stronger and that she shone by reflection only of his brightness(!)

The Goddess Amulets

Legends still thrive in modern amulets, ancient charms emerge in the form of crystals and gems. The human search for meaning and use of symbolism is ever more present.

Unity Charms made with 100% Fairmined Gold. Ofrenda's small capsule collection of Unity charms embody our commitment to more ethical practices.

Gold since antiquity has been an allegory for spiritual transformation

Ofrenda Jewelry is crafted from ancient principles to inspire the modern woman and what better way than jewelry made with Fairmined gold, transmuting mining into social impact.

The moon, representing the female powers of the night, the abyss, uterine darkness, secrecy, water and earth. Elegant simplicity in this Waning Moon Necklace, easy to wear, makes any outfit shine.

The Waning Moon teaches us to nurture our ability to feel and respond emotionally, to be in tune with our own needs and wants.

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