Jewelry crafted with timeless patterns and marks

Jewelry crafted with timeless patterns and marks

Solar Disc necklace and Sunrise necklace, in 14K Gold and Diamonds. Inspiration to help us unravel the spirituality of our ancestors and use it in our daily life.

Striking earrings, easy to wear, light-weight and timeless

Part of the Twilight set with accompanying necklace. Let these jewels connect us with an ancient past that might inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

Picture yourself wearing a great pair of jeans with a crisp white blouse and this elegant Sunset necklace in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver! You’ll turn heads! On a 16-18” rolo chain.

Totally unique amulet pendant, depicting coiled eyes like the widespread motif used in eastern and western Europe in early Bronze age. This pendant has a nice weight to itself so it wears comfortably in a 24” long rolo chain. Your choice of 14K Gold or Sterling Silver.

Our beloved Sunset necklace

A great addition to the jewelry collection of the working woman, who needs to gracefully go from work do happy hour! Cheers!

NEW DESIGN! I’m really proud of this one, the Mooned-Horn amulet. Symbol of becoming and energy. Merging the power of the crescent and the horn to empower beginnings. Crafted from 14K Gold or Sterling Silver, in a 24” chain.

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