Jewelry as tokens of personal power

Jewelry as tokens of personal power

This Mooned-Horn necklace can remind you of the cycles of life, there is a season for everything. The pendant hangs from a 24” chain, it will look amazing paired with a cashmere turtleneck, don’t you think? Amulet containing aspects of the Neolithic Goddess, depicting the crescent with its symbolism of the renewal of life. The female, the single source of life, taking energy from the moon and stars.

Jewelry inspired from the Sun’s mythical powers

Life-giving, the Sun, is the center of our solar system. Let its rays imbue your soul with purpose and clarity.

This quote got me thinking about Kandinsky. He was so in touch with his inner core, and masterfully expressed his personal mythology on his paintings. He used recurring shapes, colors and elements throughout his oeuvre with painstaking precision and intention. I'll always remember an exhibition about his work at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, I had to sit down at the end to take it all in. It was so overcoming!

The Mooned-Horn amulet. Symbol of becoming and energy. Merging the power of the crescent and the horn to empower beginnings. Crafted from 14K Gold or Sterling Silver, in a 24” chain.

So, this is one of the projects that didn't pan out... and I was so stoked about these pieces... trying to get from paper all the way to the finished piece is a long process, with lots of trial and error. Lessons learnt: listen to the experts, trust the expertise of the trade, know when to cut your losses, move on to the next thing.

The necklace that started it all!

Thankful to have summoned the courage to start this journey, thanks to Covid(!), and the help of the team, who are always there for support and encouragement. Every single piece has thought me so much about design, casting, assembly and finishing. All the fascinating steps in the process to bring these jewels from my mind to you!

Getting ready for 2022! Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and blessed New Year! May 2022 bring more healing to the human race and to this planet.

On this quiet morning, while people are still asleep. Want to take a moment to greet you with these nice, weighty pendants on a gorgeous 24” rolo chains. Amulets inspired on the fertility of the Goddess. Each day brings an opportunity to recreate our world.

Got to love Jung's work. His avant garde concepts on archetypes and the collective unconscious required amazing strength of character and professional courage! We are all better off thanks to his commitment and work-ethic.

Infuse your days with joy by wearing the Sun!

As the Sun rises and sets each day, we all have the opportunity to choose how best to live our life, and change to better find our purpose

Inspired from the mystery of light Twilight is my favorite time, I love starting or finishing my daily walks during this lovely dimness, the perfect atmosphere for reflection.

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