Half Moon earrings and Waning Moon necklace

Half Moon earrings and Waning Moon necklace

All jewelry in your choice of Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. The nearness of the moon, makes it an active participant in the experience of our daily life, saturated with feelings and concrete in our awareness.

Crescent Moon necklace, the starting point for this budding new collection. The moon may be a gateway to fantasies, dreams and archetypal possibilities. The moon can become a bridge between the personal and the symbolic, wear it to attune to this power.

Merging the power of the crescent and the horn to empower beginnings.

Symbol of becoming and energy

This Mooned-Horn necklace (left) can remind you of the cycles of life, there is a season for everything. The pendant hangs from a 24” chain, it will look amazing paired with a cashmere turtleneck.

Designed to remind us of our female power. The ancient Goddess, revered in ancient times, a faint memory that is still latent within us. Symbol of the unity of nature and the mystery of the Earth.

Fun, shiny, dangly earrings!

Half Moon earrings, putting the spotlight on how lunar cycles influence our life, not only in agriculture (planting according to the moon) and the tides but also on fertility cycles as a generative power and spirit that nurtures growing things.

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