Fairmined Gold Unity Charms Collection

Fairmined Gold Unity Charms Collection

These Fairmined gold Unity charms collection contain universal symbols for spiritual awakening cradled in the Ouroboros, a timeless archetype of union and eternal cycles. Capsule collection created for the Fairmined 100 Challenge, each piece has been crafted in 14K solid Fairmined gold.

Many myths say the Universe begins with roundness

Ofrenda’s Solar collection celebrates the Sun, our shiny star, a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma.

Mandalas are mystical maps of the cosmos, a glimpse into the realms of deities, and are intended for meditation as a religious exercise.

Yantras are graphic designs intended for meditation, to teach spiritual doctrines by way of its composition, used to focus the mind.

Made in 14K Fairmined gold, proud participant of the Fairmined 100 Challenge!

The meandering spiral path is connected with the idea of death and rebirth, entering the mysterious womb of life.

Cradled by the Ouroboros, ancient symbol of unity, the labyrinth invites you to penetrate the "inner mysteries" and find a mystical revelation at its core.

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