Archetypes for greater awareness

Archetypes for greater awareness

Archetypes can also be situational, like the famous Heroes’ Journey. They have a transcendental function, full of synchronicities, bringing emotional clarity and symbolic insight.

What have I been up to?

Journaling about all the amazing things I’m learning through wonderful books (I’ve been an avid reader since I was a little girl, I have to thank my mum for that trait). Jewelry designs will begin taking shape as this journey informs and inspires me to create jewelry that may capture the essence of these learnings!

The fascinating world of archetypes, known as God-images (Philo Judeaous), immaterial archetypes (Dyonisius), archetypal light (Irenaeus), ideae principale (St. Agustine), Eidos (Plato) and representations collectives (Levy-Bruhl), among others.

The expression of primordial ideas, they are inborn, collective and universal; supra-personal and archaic.

Ofrenda Jewelry, crafted from ancient principles to inspire the modern woman

Jewelry that embodies aspirations, accompanies you in personal growth, and helps you become a better version of you.

There’s two sides to the archetypal coin. The personal unconscious, a deep layer, inborn, it doesn’t derive from experience or personal acquisition. And the other, the collective unconscious, a common psychic substrate of a supra-personal nature, present in everyone.

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