Unity Charms made with 100% Fairmined Gold

Unity Charms made with 100% Fairmined Gold

Ofrenda's small capsule collection of Unity charms embody our commitment to more ethical practices.

Gold since antiquity has been an allegory for spiritual transformation

Ofrenda Jewelry is crafted from ancient principles to inspire the modern woman and what better way than jewelry made with Fairmined gold, transmuting mining into social impact.

As part of the Fairmined 100 Challenge – The Mandala Unity Charm.

An ancient symbolic diagram of the mystical map of the cosmos. Often attributed to the realm of deities, contemplate it as a religious exercise for spiritual growth. It helps you discover spiritual insight.

The yantra carved within can be used as a meditation tool, as it helps focus the mind. The ultimate center is void, as you will supply it mentally through the mystical creative process.

Unity Charms, the collection offered by Ofrenda Jewelry to participate in the Fairmined 100 Challenge. Shining a spotlight on ethical gold practices and giving back to the miners and their communities.

Totally unique amulet pendant, depicting coiled eyes like the widespread motif used in eastern and western Europe in early Bronze age. This pendant has a nice weight to itself so it wears comfortably in a 24” long rolo chain. Your choice of 14K Gold or Sterling Silver.

Proud participant of the Fairmined 100 Challenge with the Unity Charms!

Lotus Flower Unity Charm - The lotus as the primary symbol of the cosmic yoni, from which all of life arises.

The lotus is often the symbol of the classical four elements: born and rooted in Earth, surrounded and supported by Water, blossoming with the essence of Air and drawing its strength and fertility with the Fire of the Sun.

Metal Type: 14K Fairmined yellow gold; Chain: Satin cord with a sliding knot; Measures 20mm in diameter.

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