Trendy boho-chic fine jewelry

Trendy boho-chic fine jewelry

Belief in magical aid has weaned in modern times, but in earlier days superstition was totally common and expected. They now belong to myth and folklore. But I suspect a longing for it has never been completely eclipsed…

Meaningful symbols in jewelry

Symbolic jewelry has an ancient origin, mostly thought to have symbolic purposes. Fast forward, jewelry as symbolic expression has stuck around and kept the human imagination interested in transcendence and mystical themes.

Rock art symbols in jewelry

Every one object can have many interpretations according to the different beliefs of varying cultures. Associations attributed to them change over time as societies evolve.

The Sun has most commonly been considered a male deity, signifying invincibility and guardianship. However, in more primitive times, it represented the primal womb, depicting the Sun as a feminine divinity.

Paleolithic-inspired jewelry design

Symbols are also archetypal images that dwell within our psyche. Symbolic meaning is usually learned from culture, as a collective agreement, but there are others that are completely subjective, usually the most powerful.

The cruciform design in this collection is reminiscent of prehistoric paintings found in caves, thought to have been powerful reminders of their relationship with the Universe.

Primitive rock markings translated to jewelry

Like language, symbols are marks that have been grouped, remembered, identified, interpreted and associated into systems to make sense of the world. The primitive motif in this collection, is inspired by the world’s oldest symbols and the mysteries it holds about our ancient past.

Our ancestors might have communicated among themselves and the spirits through these symbols.

Ancient designs

Humans are so attuned to respond to symbols that they have been defined and venerated in every culture. Let’s celebrate cultural diversity today. There’s so much more that unites us than the subtle differences we might have. The Sun sheds it’s rays upon all of us, no matter what, let’s carry this generosity in our hearts and on our ears.

We’re all prone to attach feelings and significance to special objects, especially when they are beautiful.

With symbols, it’s this reverence that makes them universally appealing and aesthetic. They contain secrets, fully in view but mostly go unnoticed.

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