Paleolithic imagery as inspiration for jewelry

Paleolithic imagery as inspiration for jewelry

The tradition of marking ceremonial objects with symbols might allow us to decipher their meaning and function in the life of our ancestors and thus, illuminate our own world.

One of the oldest rituals unearthed from archeological digs is that of regeneration. Funerary rituals and symbolism from our Paleolithic lineage provide insights into their beliefs of death and rebirth.

Some of the images and designs found in Paleolithic sites persist well into the Bronze Age, hinting at their meaningful longevity and scope.

Ancient people’s beliefs in the fragility of life and the threat of destruction endure to this day, in our age of atomic annihilation and climate disaster. A need to renew and trust in the regenerative power of Nature is an existential imperative.

The ancient beliefs in the Goddess have been recorded in their generous symbols and pictograms, offering us an indelible imprint of our own forgotten psyche.

Even though I’m not an archeologist, nor do I intend to be one at all, I’m fascinated by the connection between archeological materials and spirituality and how both can help us unravel the essence of our ancestors.

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