Jewelry inspired by ancient civilizations

Jewelry inspired by ancient civilizations

The human pursuit of capturing feelings and thoughts into symbolic objects will most certainly be continued well into the future. I believe the forms and shapes may change but the meaning will carry on.

How will future charms and amulets look like?

Will they change much, if at all? My guess is that although technology will bring us many blessings, fundamental fears and threats will remain, and that’s where small superstitions and faith in superpowers will still hang around.

Cruciform marks embedded in raised rings expresses life’s sacred dance in this Solar collection.

Sunset necklace to celebrate an achievement!

There’s always fascinating stories behind every piece of jewelry. Sometimes that takes the form of symbolic background or intentional properties. Trying to understand what makes each so special is Ofrenda’s focus.

This Sunset necklace reminds us of life’s full circle, the promise of beginning again. 14K gold necklace in a high-polish finish, with an adjustable 16”-18” rolo chain.

Amulets, lucky charms, and talismans. All have a place in our life when we need a little magical aid.

Take home the Goddess amulets. Crafted in 14K gold, representing feminine energy and wisdom from ancient times.

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