An amulet inspired on the fertility of the Goddess

An amulet inspired on the fertility of the Goddess

An amulet inspired on the fertility of the Goddess. Each day brings an opportunity to recreate our world.

Radiant gold earrings, celebrating twilight, a time to reflect and repose. Shop online link in bio!

Meaningful jewelry in precious gold and diamonds

The Sun challenges us to rekindle our spirituality, regain our personal power and listen to our hearts.

New amulets showing off! These were envisioned a long time ago and I’m stoked that they came out so beautifully. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

Timeless gold jewelry for the modern woman! I have tried to capture the radiant energy of the Sun, inviting this golden force to empower our spirit so that we serve the world better.

Inspiring jewelry to glam up your look!

These 14K Gold earrings with Diamonds harnesses the symbolism of the Sun’s power to focus on one’s willpower and capacity for positive action.

Amulet containing aspects of the Neolithic Goddess, depicting the crescent with its symbolism of the renewal of life. The female, the single source of life, taking energy from the moon and stars.

Infuse your days with joy by wearing the Sun! Sunrise necklace in a 16-18” chain. As the Sun rises, we all have the opportunity to choose how best to live our life, and change to better find our purpose.

Inspired from the mystery of light Twilight is my favorite time, I love starting or finishing my daily walks during this lovely dimness, the perfect atmosphere for reflection.

Jewelry crafted from ancient principles, what Ofrenda is all about

This Solar Disc collection, symbolizes the self, vivifying your values and motivations, making your distinct personality shine bright!

Amulet of fertility and regeneration. Cradling the fruit of the Goddess, honoring he timeless principle of growth and multiplication, of life nourishment and sustenance. 14K Gold or Sterling Silver on a 24” rolo chain.

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