Amulets - ancient jewelry charged with meaning

Amulets - ancient jewelry charged with meaning

People around the world wear pieces of jewelry as lucky charms or meaningful amulets. Different cultures have various ways of expressing them but they all share an underlying desire to capture a feeling or intention.

Ofrenda Jewelry hopes to capture the fundamental principles behind these amulets and symbols and make them wearable objects.

As a devoted reader, below are some of my favorite jewelry books:

My all time favorite jewelry book! This is a monumental piece of work by Oppi Untracht, Jewelry: concepts and technology, a reference book for all jewelry makers and lovers. Highly recommend!

Kandinsky, one of my favorite artists. This book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, is particularly dear to me. I'll also never forget an amazing exhibit at the Guggenheim museum some years back!

Johannes Itten's Design and Form, a classic design book with a Bauhaus twist, an essential read for artists!

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